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    Our solution for healthcare promotes the paradigm change
    from delayed interventional to predictive medicine, tailored to
    the person, and from disease to wellness and to ultimately
    help improve the lives of those living with chronic diseases.
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    Care is collaborative, coordinated, and accessible. The right
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    Patient and family preferences, values, cultural traditions,
    and socioeconomic conditions are respected.
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Hicare is shifting the health care system to a model that emphasizes the importance of keeping people healthy and rewards physicians for coordinating care, for providing the appropriate care for each patient’s situation and for actual health outcomes.

For Patients

HiCare allows providing care that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.

Our solution is compliant with most advanced security standards to ensure that (1) only authorized individuals see stored data; (2) they only see the data when they need to use it for an authorized purpose; and (3) what they see is accurate.

For Professionals?

HiCare helps delivering coordinated care with a patient centric focus. We use technology to harness the full potential of health care information, take proactive measures to prevent illnesses among populations, and maximize the financial rewards earned from effective service coordination.

Value-based approach

Managing a chronic disease or condition like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity can be costly and time-consuming for patients.

HiCare focuses on helping patients recover from illnesses and injuries more quickly and avoid chronic disease in the first place. As a result, patients face fewer doctor’s visits, medical tests, and procedures, and they spend less money on prescription medication as both near-term and long-term health improve.

Medical Experts

Our Experts span many facets of healthcare delivery.


HiCare is cloud-based personal health engagement platform for efficient monitoring, preventing,
treating and management of chronic diseases.

Patient Engagement

Easy way for patients to find, choose, promote healthcare providers and keep coming back.

Secure messaging, automated appointment reminders, online patient intake, re-care reminders, patient surveys and friendly online scheduling options

EHR For Professionals

Hicare EHR is a patient information management system that provides independent practitioners with a sophisticated yet easy to use method for entering and storing patients’ health information electronically.

Preventative care

Based on your age, goals and personal medical situation, your doctor will recommend ways to catch small problems before they turn into big problems.

Care Plan for Patients

HiCare manages health information through every step of treatment, from scheduling initial appointments to noting treatment procedures, while also handling message review and labs, prescriptions and refills, claims, collections and reports.

Communication with patients

Integrated patient communication capabilities of solution helps doctors stay connected with patients to optimize care delivery and patient’s data collection.

Maximize productivity

Support your staff's entire practice workflow including managing patients, uploading documents and sending secure messages.

Smarter Billing Solution

Quickly enter patient data, upload documents and verify eligibility.

Ensure you get paid with advanced claim processing, tracking tools and features designed to help you stay on top of your patient's accounts receivable.

Compliancy to Standards

ICD-10,SNOMED CT compliant and has tools to help you code correctly.

All modules are integrated with the mentioned standards which allows standardizing clinical and billing processes.

Telemedicine Solution

Transportation issues, taking time off from work and finding child care are no longer an issue for routine visits and follow-up care.

HiCare Telemedicine allows us to deliver care without the burden of traveling to the clinic.

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